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An Art Museum for the new digital age

Celebrating the best of Art, Literature, Photography, Music and Film. 100% digital, 100% curated, 100% interactive, powered by one of the most sophisticated, self developed Virtual Reality platforms available on a browser.

Home to a collection of rare mixed media artefacts, meticulously curated for collectors and connoisseurs; The Crypt is driven by a spirit of creative excellence and technical innovation.

Founded by leaders in the field of Museum, Exhibition, Film and Technology our unique galleries deliver a new experience for discovering NFT artwork and collectibles spanning the fields of modern art, literature, music, photography, sculpture and digital media.

We specialise in unearthing unpublished treasures of the media industry, offering passionate collectors the opportunities to expand their investment portfolio.

By producing stories using our curatorial experience, a unique visitor journey is created, providing a deeper look inside the artists and their subjects.

Many of our rarities are available for immediate purchase and/or live auction. For select clientele, we host private sales on an invitation-only basis.

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